AT&T Event Access

Entertainment Event Platform App (Native)

Following the success of the newly-designed AT&T THANKS Sound Studio app, AT&T decided to reimagine their event giveaway experience that was currently serving its members.

The task was focused on simplifying, as well as re-architecting, a better user experience that would breathe more life and excitement into the various event offerings that AT&T THANKS had available. A bigger picture view of national events, easier management and scannability of content were at the top of the list of design priorities.


The experience begins with launching from off the parent AT&T THANKS app which takes the user to a welcome screen. The user is then presented with a global view to help give her/him an overall impression about event activity available throughout the U.S. The user is then presented options regarding alert preference for the entire U.S. or their home area.


Once selected, the app presents the user with a list of events to browse through. The user then makes their selection and reserves a pair of tickets of their chosen event. Finally, ticket selection is confirmed through in-app messaging and then followed through with an emailed notification.