It all started In a Coffee Shop WHERE…

I met the man who would later go on to become my client and owner of the online post-divorce site, Matthew Hayward was recommended by a friend as someone who needed help with web design and development.

Several months after our introduction we were very much knee-deep in balancing the right kind of feature-set, tone, community type and readership while actually building this thing. Since we were a small two—and a part-timer—person band, this meant we all wore several hats. I got to wear the designer/developer/editor one which, in my mind, looked somewhat like a Fedora with lots of crazy indie-punk band patches sewn on top of David Carson quote, "Graphic Design Will Save The World, Right After Rock and Roll Does" screen-printed in Art Chantry fashion. Despite its obvious demands, it was a really good fit for me as it commanded my full attention and really put my capabilities and interests to good use while also stretching my understanding around community-based sites, databases and CMS development via WordPress.

The first priority was to build a community-friendly site who's primary function was dialogue between the site's main author, Thom Slade and his audience. Once that was accomplished the next priority was to successfully address the formidable challenge of attracting readership. Since I felt deeply impassioned about my belief in organicaly attracting attention through quality of content and experience, I decided to take the opportunity and lead by example through a written post of my own that covered three main onjectives:

  • That it be novel, useful and interesting for the reader
  • That it attract a large audience
  • That it have great meaning

The net result still continues to reel in benefits to date. This article is the most popular article on the site with 141,670 Views so far. After much ado, here's the link to the article: