Texas Land & Cattle

Ranch-style Craft Dining

An extensive menu system redesign was needed to help convey this familiar Texas restaurant’s newly-revised brand positioning as a true Craft Dining experience. The updated brand story focuses on their signature ranch style character that goes into crafting each meal as well as the way they bring it to the table.


The first order of business was to take on the primary dinner menu. Inspired by the frankness and honesty of frontier butcher shops, to cattle brands and ranch signage, bold graphic elements and earthy tones were seared to perfection through subtle contrast; used as a textured backdrop to make way for striking accents of color and bold typographical treatment.


The primary dinner menu consisted of three main information panels, a cover and the seasonal, companion feature item insert. All staple and signature menu items, brand story elements, item descriptions and kitchen notes were captured and presented in a format that was easy to scan, comprehend and understand the brand story a bit more.


The expanded menu system, for ancillary items, consisted of a lunch menu, drink menu, gluten free menu and special event promotional communications.