WildBoar Stout


A locally-crafted beer with a distinct “wild side” and unique family story, all under the same cap.

The driving concept behind this beverage comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of the co-founder’s own name, Wilbur, and his penchant for Wild Canyon Hops. Commonly associated to the harmless, lovable pig of Charlotte’s Web fame, the name Wilbur comes from Middle English and translates to, “Wild Boar,” a designation given to someone with that personality.


The product label, complete with gold-foiling and leafing to help dress up the occasion.


Label and Package Design: The overall objective with the label and its corresponding graphic elements was to evoke the thrill of the wild with a refined finish. This was done to play up the habitat in which the primary ingredient is naturally found as well as pay homage to the origin story behind the name. The name, character and spirit of WildBoar is topped off with its own signature pop-off cap.


16oz bottle

The WBS Sounder (Six Pack)


Necessary accoutrement: WildBoar Stout’s presence continues well beyond the bottle and fits in rather nicely at pubs and other fine beverage establishments. Here graphic standards are applied to drinking vessels and the famous WildBoar Stout “Double-Tap.”


WildBoar Stout’s famous Double-Tap.

WBS Pinter


Environmental graphics, merchandizing and in-bound marketing communications: The signature bottle cap makes for quite the novelty as virtually any lover of this beer can play this game across social mediums or simply, fun and irreverent photos. T-shirt designs help to play up the brew’s character which is further elaborated on its company website: WildBoarStout.com.






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